Jet lag is a state of unhappiness and is a discomfort for both the mind and body. It happens when you travel long distances in a plane and in between time zones. There are certain steps which can prevent jet lag from happening or can at least reduce its effects. But first you must know why and how jet lag happens. It is one of the side effects of traveling and it happens because our bodies perform different tasks throughout the day like eating, sleeping etc. and our body has an internal clock that gets used to the schedule of all of these activities and when you travel to a different time zones this clock is disturbed and gets out of sync.

15 Top Tips for Beating Jet LagEvery human being has a sense of time and when this sense gets confused because of traveling at a high speed to a different time zone then the metabolism of your body gets disturbed as well and you suffer from indigestion, lack of sleep, hunger and even problems of memory and emotional instability. People often wonder whether the direction of their journey matters and the answer is yes it does. Generally, traveling west is considered much better as compared to traveling east because research has shown that traveling towards east creates worse jet lag and it takes your body more time to get used to that time zone as compared to the time zone of the west.

Some people have a strict schedule of sleeping and eating. These are the people that suffer the most because when it will be morning there body will be telling them to go to sleep and at night time they might feel hungry as their body is used to eating at that time. Naturally flexible people have an advantage in these conditions as their body can adjust more easily to new conditions.

15 Top Tips for Beating Jet LagIt is a common misconception that if you stay up the night before you have to travel then you will be tired enough to go to sleep easily in the new time zone. This is not true and it can make things even worse so it is wiser to get proper rest before you go on your journey. You can try to make some alterations in your sleeping patterns to get your body used to the new time zone in advance. It is advisable to plan your flights in a way that you arrive at your destination in bright sunlight as exposure to sunlight can not only help you stay awake but can also help your body adjust to the new time zone more quickly.

If you have a meeting or anything important then you must land at least a day before the event so that you have a whole day to get yourself ready and be mentally prepared for the meeting. This will also give your body an opportunity to get familiar with the new time zone. You should avoid alcohol during the flight as high altitude can magnify the impact of alcohol and not only can alcohol cause dehydration but it can also worsen the effects of jet lag and give you a really bad hangover.

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