Most people think that going to a different time zone is what causes jet lag while this is true and it is one of the main causes but it is not the only one. They say that the jet lag is worse if you go east as compared to west. Generally, those people who have a fixed routine are the ones that experience the worst jet lag. Children under the age of 3 don’t suffer from jet lag and it is because their body is more adaptive.

What Causes Jet Lag?You condition before the flight plays a major role in the amount of jet lag you experience. If you are nervous, stressed, hung over and tired even before your flight then you are bound to face a really bad jet lag. Therefore it is advisable to get some good rest before your flight and not think that you are going to get your share of sleep during the flight. Dry atmosphere can also be a cause of jet lag and it can cause dry throat membranes, nasal and skin thereby exposing you to a risk of flu, cough, cold and sore throat. This is why you should drink a lot of water during your flight and avoid tea, coffee, juices and alcoholic drinks. There is a cabin pressure of almost eight thousand in an airplane and since your body is not used to such pressure therefore this can cause lethargy, exhaustion and swelling.

What Causes Jet Lag?Stale air is another cause of jet lag and since supplying fresh air can cost the airline a lot of money so normally the air supply is only good in business class and not in economy class. If your body does not receive good air then this can cause a variety of problems including headaches, exhaustion and irritability. You should know that the effect of alcohol is up to three times stronger in an airplane and just a single glass of alcohol during your flight can be like having three glasses normally. So, if you have alcohol during your flight then you can experience a serious hangover along with the symptoms of jet lag.

The tea and coffee that is served on an airplane contains more caffeine than normal and they can be rough on your stomach. So, if you don’t have strong tea and coffee normally then you shouldn’t try them during your flight. There is an additional burden on your abdomen during the flight because of the cramped position you have to sit in. So, it is not ideal to have these drinks or any heavy snack.

Finally, the absence of exercise is another important cause of jet lag as sitting in the same position throughout the journey can not only be uncomfortable but it can also be a contributing factor of jet lag. So, you should try and stretch your legs and walk a little in the aisles if possible. As soon as you reach your destination, you should try and have a shower because not only can it freshen you up but it can also tone your muscles and get your blood moving.

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