Basic Information: What is Melatonin Sleep Aid and Jet Lag Support

Melatonin Sleep Aid and Jet Lag Support is a form of treatment that comes as a dietary supplement. This review will yield all the knowledge required by the user before purchasing the product. As the treatment’s title suggests, it is a melatonin based drug, which means that it was designed to prevent occasional and chronic sleep problems. As it is a dietary supplement, it can be ordered online without a prescription.


This supplement is constructed around a substance called melatonin. This ingredient is known to be a counter agent for jet lag related afflictions as it helps maintain the body’s normal circadian rhythm.


  • Vitamin B-6 (as pyridoxine HCL) 10 mg
  • Melatonin 3 mg


According to the manufacturer’s instructions the dosage is one pill per day and it should not be exceeded. Every 24 hours the user is recommended to take one single tablet, approximately 20 minutes before sleeping.


Vitabase offers its product in 60 tablet bottles, enough for 60 doses or 60 days. The price for each bottle is 14.60$. While they do not offer any special discounts or monthly payment plans in the form of a subscription, they do offer free shipping together with the product.

What to Expect

Like many others, I suffer from occasional insomnia, especially when I travel. Changing my location causes me several restless days as it takes time for me to adapt my sleeping cycle to the new time zone or even just the new surroundings. I began taking this melatonin based medication as instructed and I immediately felt its effects during my first troublesome night. The effect took place nearly immediately as I began feeling tired as if in the need for sleep. When I use melatonin, it offers me a restful night without making me feel dizzy or groggy in the mornings.

Keep an Eye Out

As with any melatonin based product, this treatment should not be used if required to drive or to operate dangerous machinery. If the consumer is taking anti-depressants or other forms of prescribed drugs, he or she should contact a medical care professional before taking these tablets.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no product guarantee present on this product’s page. No details are being provided whether it is possible to return this product or not. The manufacturer does not list any kind of policy that would enable an unsatisfied customer to be reimbursed in the event that he changes his mind regarding the treatment.

The product page is also devoid of any customer reviews. They are completely absent for this specific product.

The Bottom Line

Vitabase’s melatonin product will mitigate the jet lag symptoms while also promoting healthy sleeping patterns. It is an affordable product when considering the amount of dosages a bottle contains and the ingredients used are proved to relieve the user from insomnia. What the product lacks are a guarantee and any type of return policy. The consumer is not presented with any kind of option to receive financial reimbursement. Reviews are also completely absent from the product’s page, fact which could raise a question or two for the potential client.

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