Basic Information: What is Superior Source Melatonin

In this review of Superior Source Melatonin, you will know more about the product, making it easier to decide if it will work for you. Available in an instant dissolve table, this product claims to aid in the regulation of sleep. It is asserted that it will help you to easily go back to your normal sleeping patterns after a long travel. Superior Source Melatonin is highly recommended for those who suffer from different symptoms of jet lag.


To make the product deliver effective results, the manufacturer notes that they use only natural ingredients and no preservatives are added.

  • 5 milligrams of Melatonin
  • Lactose
  • Chamomile Leaf Powder
  • Acacia Gum


Based on the instructions provided in the label, place one tablet under your tongue before your usual bedtime. There is no need to drink water as the tablet will dissolve on its own.


Superior Source Melatonin is available online via the website of third party sellers. Prices, promotions, and discounts will vary depending on where you will buy. It can be purchased from Amazon for $16.07 per pack, which contains 100 tablets.

What to Expect

This product is available in a fast-release formula, which means that you can anticipate it to take effect the soonest. From my own experience, it took quite a while before I fell sleepy. When I woke up, I feel refreshed and no headache even after spending almost 12 hours in my flight. However, I cannot speak of how it can possibly promote better sleep in the long term since I take it only to fight jet lag and not to promote sleepiness on a regular day.

Keep an Eye Out

This product is made from natural ingredients, which means that side effects will be minimal or none. However, since it will make you sleep, it is important to not do any physical activity after taking the supplement Driving or operating machineries should be avoided. The recommended dosage should also be followed to avoid possible complications. If you are under medical treatment or care, it is important to have a consultation with a medical professional prior to taking Superior Source Melatonin.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Superior Source Melatonin does not offer a product guarantee, which is perhaps one of its most significant drawbacks. There are reviews that are available online, with most of which pointing out to the effectiveness of the product in improving sleeping patterns.

The Bottom Line

Superior Source Melatonin is made with the use of natural ingredients, including melatonin and chamomile. It has a cheap price compared to the competition. Nonetheless, one problem is that the manufacturer does not offer a satisfaction guarantee, which is common in the case of other products that promote better sleep. This means that you will not be refunded if in case you are unhappy with its use. This product is also not available directly from the website of the manufacturer. It is sold in various third-party websites, making it quite hard to ensure its authenticity.

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