Basic Information: What is Melatonin

Saturn’s Melatonin is a product that optimizes the consumer’s sleep. The user will obtain all the knowledge regarding Melatonin through the study of this review. This type of medication is a sleep support agent that prevents the settling of jet-lag effect by helping the user to achieve regular sleep cycles. The manufacturer is offering this treatment on his official website.


The pill contains almost entirely melatonin. It is a well-established fact that melatonin is a highly efficient element in helping the human body and mind find the rest it needs through sleep. For this reason, the product is also effective in reducing the presence of jet lag.

Main ingredients:

  • Melatonin (as 99.5% N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) 3Mg


Saturn’s Melatonin comes as a micro sublingual tablet. This means that the medication should be placed under the consumer’s tongue for it to dissolve and take effect. The dosage consists of one pill and it should be administered before going to bed. The pill will dissolved itself almost immediately.


The sublingual pill can be ordered online for the retail price of 9.99$. This price is per one package that contains 60 doses. The distributing website does freely offer a special coupon code which will further reduce the price by 25%, meaning 6.90$. While no subscription option is offered, the customer can receive a free product if he spends more than 75$.

What to Expect

After taking this product every night I found myself perfectly rested and refreshed. My working hours differ, thus making my sleep cycles hectic and unpredictable. For this reason I would not get the proper rest I need to enjoy my day, but Melatonin changed that. I took 1 tablet every single night before going to sleep and I would wake up ready to begin my day. No more restlessness and grumpy mornings for me as melatonin shuts me down and puts me to bed.

Keep an Eye Out

Because of the pure melatonin content the user should not administer this drug when driving or when performing any dangerous activities. If the consumer is combining these tablets with any kind of prescribed medicine, he should contact a physician immediately as side-effects may appear and put health at risk. Women undergoing pregnancy are recommended to avoid using this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Saturn does not mention any money return guarantee or any method of returning the product whether it’s faulty or damaged. No information about conditions in which the product may be shipped back are present.

Reviews seem to be missing as well from the manufacturer’s homepage. The product page contains no user reviews or testimonials.

The Bottom Line

Saturn Supplements Melatonin is a product designed as a sleeping optimizer. The drug is offered at an affordable price, together with various offers and discounts. It is, however, concerning that the manufacturer does not offer any guarantee or product return policy. Customer reviews are non-existent as well, something that may also raise several question for the future clients.

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