Basic Information: What is Melatonin

Prohealth’s Melatonin contains melatonin, the compound which is used to induce sleep. From this review, every potential consumer will obtain the information needed before using this type of remedy. The melatonin containing remedy is a supplement used by travelers and people who have destabilized sleep cycles as well as any other type of sleeping disorders. The melatonin containing remedy may be acquired from Prohealth’s own website.


One tablet of Prohealth’s sub lingual melatonin is made by using two ingredients, which are melatonin and vitamin B6. Melatonin is found in a 2.5 Mg dose within one pill, together with 500mcg of the vitamin. The key element is used as it induces a relaxing sleep without causing any health endangering side effects such as certain prescribed drugs.


The serving size, or dosage, is one tablet. As it is a sublingual medication, the consumer should place one pill under his tongue and wait for it to dissolve and be absorbed by the body. The remedy should be administered right before the user goes to sleep.


Prohealth offers its product as a bottle containing 120 tablets at the price of 8.49$. The manufacturer will also offer the consumer a special membership program in which he can enlist himself for free. This membership is available only if the client wishes to have his order auto-renewed on a monthly basis and it comes with certain advantages. All products will be sold at a discounted price and the shipping costs will be cut in half.

What to Expect

I began using Prohealth’s melatonin almost exclusively during my travels. My sleep cycles easily become chaotic as I travel during the night, lose sleep and then spend the next several days trying to recover. By administering this small dosage of melatonin every night as the label recommends, I immediately regulate my sleep. The effect is felt almost immediately after taking the tablet as a feeling of tiredness envelopes me.

Keep an Eye Out

A health care specialist is recommended to be consulted before using melatonin in combination with other treatments. If the patient is known to be suffering from any kind of syndrome that requires the use of prescribed medication, he should not use this drug without medical advice. Melatonin is intended only for adult use, being strictly prohibited to children and pregnant women.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

If the customer opts for the free membership that involves auto-ordering every month, he will benefit from a 60 day money back policy. This policy allows the client to return the package, unsealed, within a 60 day period since the product has been purchased. Details, on how the money back guarantee works, are not given.

On the product page various reviews can be found as they are mostly written in a positive tone. The great majority of customers review this melatonin based product as a treatment that does indeed work. Only a couple of reviewers complain that one tablet does not contain a high enough dose to be effective.

The Bottom Line

Prohealth’s Melatonin is guarantee by the manufacturer to work as described. At an affordable price, which can be further lowered by taking advantage of the offered membership service, customers see this product as a good purchase. Even though the bottle contains 120 tablets, the treatment involves only a mild dose of melatonin and vitamin B6 while not having any other active ingredients, especially when comparing to other such remedies.

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