What is No Jet Lag?

No Jet Lag is a homeopathic compound developed to alleviate any of the common jet lag effects encountered during extended periods of flight. This review is going to indicate whether the frequent flyer should opt for the natural drug. No Jet Lag was created specifically for those who venture on long, international flights and suffer from signs of anxiety, weariness, headaches and anything else caused by going through several time zones. This is an FDA approved drug and can be ordered online.


The dynamic elements, which this product contains, are entirely natural and their use is due to their effectiveness in preventing headaches associated with exhaustion, lack of energy, swollen limbs and many other side effects caused by jet lag. No Jet Lag’s active ingredients are:

  • Arnica Montana 30C (Leopard’s Bane)
  • Bellis Perennis 30C (Daisy)
  • Chamomilla 30C (Wild Chamomile)
  • Ipecacuanha 30C (Ipecac)
  • Lycopodium 30C (Clubmoss)


The usage directions that accompany this product are simple and easy to follow. For adults it is indicated to take one tablet before take off, followed by another tablet every two hours and another tablet after the plane lands. If the consumer has the chance to sleep during the flight, the period may be extended over the two hour limit. For children between the ages of 4-12 the recommended dose is one tablet taken every four hours. Unlike other products, this drug is designed to be taken with meals or drinks as well, without suffering diminished effects.


Every pack of No Jet Lag contains 32 tablets, enough for 50 hours of continuous flight and the pack is offered individually for $11.95. The consumer must keep the shipment fees in mind on top of the base price. If the customer opts to purchase more than 2 packages at a given time, they will gain a small discount of 1$ per each ordered pack.

Possible Side Effects

While the product does no cause any known, negative complications it is advisable to follow the label explicitly. Even if a higher dosage is taken by accident there should be no consequences whatsoever, but it has been concluded that timing matters. The time when taking the drug is important, as scientific studies show. It has been revealed that people who take the tablet too early or too late other than recommended, will show returning signs of jet lag and even worsen the symptoms of fatigue. For this reason timing is essential.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

In the event that the customer changes his mind about the product, the company guarantees reimbursement, without any concerns of additional costs, as long as the package remains unopened. The company recognizes that the customer relies on online descriptions and that mistakes can be made, therefore they assure a smooth return policy.

The Bottom Line

No Jet Lag is a product that has been proven to work according to the tests that were done as well as the average consumer. It is not an expensive product and can easily be acquired with various guarantees from the manufacturer. This homeopathic drug does not have side effects even when overdosing with it, thus making it extremely safe to use. While the costs are fairly low, some consumers wish to see some kind of advantageous offer for buying a larger supply. Client’s reviews exist on the product’s page and they are mostly positive with a very small number of users mentioning that the effect of the drug wasn’t as strongly noticed to them. Still, potency is what you’re looking for when picking out a jet lag prevention method, so it may be beneficial to keep looking for a product more suited to your needs.

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