Basic Information : What is Naturo Pharm Jet Lag Relief Tablets?

This review of Naturo Pharm Jet Lag Relief Tablets has been written keeping in mind those people who have to travel frequently and suffer from jet lag. This review will help people make an informed decision regarding the product. Naturo Pharm Jet Lag Relief Tablets are specially designed to treat jet lag and can be used by everyone in the family. The product is available on shopping websites and not on the product’s website.


  • Bellis Perennis 12c
  • Coffea Crud 24x
  • Arnica 24x 60x
  • Chamomilla 60x
  • Aconite 60x


Before boarding a flight, one should take two tablets and if awake on the flight then one is supposed to take two tablets every two hours. One should take these tablets when one lands.  One is supposed to suck on the tablets before chewing them. This formulation also comes in the form of an oral spray and helps those who have a problem taking it in the tablet form.


The cost of one bottle of this is $ 20.70. There are no prices given on the product’s website.

What to Expect

Since it is a homeopathic medicine the effects were slow initially as it takes time to work but once it did, the medicine worked wonders for my jet lag. I did not feel drowsy once I got up and felt energetic.  But one should keep in mind that once the improvement has occurred one should discontinue taking homeopathic medicines and I will stop taking them once my condition improves.

Keep an Eye Out

Being a homeopathic medicine there is nothing harmful with the medicine but one should consult a doctor before taking any sort of medicine. Once the medicine has improved your condition, it is advisable to stop taking it as otherwise it can cause further complications.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Although there are no return policies being offered by the manufacturers, they have provided detailed information about the level of quality they maintain when producing medicines. All Naturo Pharm branded products are manufactured in the purpose built laboratories strictly according to Hahnemannian principles, following the procedures outlined in the internationally accepted German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia and incorporating modern pharmaceutical manufacturing practices.

There are no customer reviews to back the claims either on shopping websites or on the product’s website.

The Bottom Line

Overall Naturo Pharm Jet Lag Relief Tablets are a good investment as they are homeopathic and therefore are not harmful to the body.  These tablets are also available in the form of an oral spray and therefore are a convenient option for those who have difficulty taking tablets. One should consult a doctor to be on the safer side.

The drawback is the lack of return policy as it is an expensive medicine. There are no customer reviews to be found regarding the product and that makes the product a less viable option for prospective customers.


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