Basic Information: What is Sleep Liquid Softgel

Sleep Liquid Softgel is a sleeping aid formula created out of natural ingredients. In this review, the potential consumer will learn what this product is used for and how it works. These softgels are intended to be used by those in need of mental relaxation and a healthy dose of restful sleep. This medication can be acquired in multiple online and physical stores and pharmacies.


The liquid softgel is a combination of entirely natural ingredients that cause no dependency. This medical concoction focuses on providing the user with restful sleep due to its key ingredient, Melatonin. A good night’s rest is provided by following this treatment.

Main ingredients are:

  • L-Theanine
  • Melatonin
  • Chamomile Flower Extract
  • Passion Flower Extract
  • Lemon Balm Leaf Extract


One softgel should be taken every hour before heading to sleep. It is advised not to use for more than two weeks as melatonin is not recommended to be taken for extended periods of time.


The manufacturer’s homepage does not present a specific price list for this product. It does specify that it can be found in many stores online or physically in the world, as the site provides you with the ability to search for such a store by introducing the desired zip code.

What to Expect

As a frequent traveler with unusual working hours that constantly change and fluctuate I needed to find a sleeping aid as I couldn’t get enough rest. With the help this Nature Made product I did manage to regulate my sleep and get the much needed rest. I began noticing the effects of these softgel caps after taking a few of them regularly, every hour as prescribed. The effect is noticeable as it does make me feel sleepy and pushes me to seek rest. I would not advise to take this medication when driving or doing other such activities that require focus.

Keep an Eye Out

If the user is taking any kind of prescribed drugs like blood pressure medication or anti-depressants, medical expertise is advised before applying this homeopathic treatment. Combining the softgel packs with other forms of medications may lead to a diminished effect of the drug as well as the supplement, while also reducing the body’s absorption rate.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Nature Made does offer its consumer base a method of returning products; however, the refund is limited to 1 bottle per product only. This means that if the client bought 3 packs of the same product he may be reimbursed only for 1 pack. The product must be unused and unsealed while also having the receipt as proof. Once you contact the manufacturer, they will send the costumer a pre-paid mailer and a refund form. The item can be refunded within 100 days since purchase.

User reviews are available but they are mostly positive with only several negative reports. Some users complained that they felt drugged and if they would wake up in the middle of the night they would lack balance and move sluggish.

The Bottom Line

This sleeping aid product is a working drug made out of natural ingredients that promote sleep. The instructions are clear and possible side-effects are explained in detail. On the downside, the product return policy is somewhat laborious and limited as only 1 pack per product can be reimbursed. The price of the product is also a bit of a mystery as the manufacturer does not list it and other distributors have prices that vary greatly.

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