Basic Information: What is Melatonin

In this review for Melatonin, the potential consumer will receive all the information required to understand the product and its offer. Natural Factors’ Melatonin is designed to help the many adults who experience sleep disturbances. Waking up to early, difficulty of falling asleep, restless sleep, all can be mended with the help of melatonin. The restless sleep cure can be ordered or found in stores suggested through the manufacturer’s website.


The treatment’s recipe involves purely the use of 3mg of melatonin for each tablet. No other compound is used, as the manufacturer points out that 3mg of melatonin is enough to regulate any kind of moderate sleeping disorder from which the consumer may suffer.


The melatonin pill comes in the form of a soluble tablet that should be taken sublingually. It is designed to be put under the tongue until it is absorbed. The instructions recommend the use of one pill before heading to bed as the melatonin will prepare to reset the body’s biological clock and induce sleep.


The price for this product may vary as the manufacturer does not specify it. It does however suggest the various stores that will carry this dietary supplement, but each store will have its own price listed. Special offers and discounts are also subject to each individual store’s desires but the manufacturer does offer a 2$ discount coupon by simply registering on their website.

What to Expect

I have been relying on these melatonin products during the periods I travel. Shifting through a time zone scrambles my biological clock and I am unable to easily fall asleep or I simply wake up way too early. The content of melatonin from these pills is certainly enough to take effect nearly immediately. Up to a half hour after ingesting the remedy I begin feeling cold and somewhat drowsy as my brain calls for sleep. Melatonin certainly offers optimal sleep and I will continue using it until my sleep cycle returns to normal.

Keep an Eye Out

It is suggested by the manufacturer to avoid using melatonin if needed to drive or operate any kind of machinery. Drowsiness can also become a problem due to the fact that every person reacts differently to the same circumstance, in which case the user should diminish the daily dosage or even interrupt its usage for a few days. If any unusual symptoms develop, a doctor should be contacted immediately.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The company doesn’t have any information regarding possible ways of returning a faulty or undesired product. They do not seem to guarantee a refund in any given case.

Reviews are entirely absent from Melatonin’s sales page as there is no option to leave a public review or comment.

The Bottom Line

This treatment contains an adequate amount of its key ingredient, melatonin and it is easily absorbed by the body as it comes as a sub-lingual pill which dissolves nearly instantaneously. However, price is unknown until the consumer searches for one of the stores which could be found through the manufacturer’s search system. Prices can also be variable depending on the store. The lack of information regarding a possible return process is also something that could raise a few questions.

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