Basic Information: What is Jet Lag

Through this review, Liddell Laboratories’ Jet Lag product will be explained for possible consumers. This item is a spray designed for those who frequently travel internationally by airplane. “Jet Lag” is a homeopathic spray meant to help the users prevent or at the very least cope with the long travel effects like tiredness, dehydration, lack of sleep and more. This orally used spray is offered on the manufacturing company’s website.


The spray is created using a unique formula comprised of natural ingredients. These elements that are extracted from entirely natural sources are chose due to their combative nature against all the issues encountered when suffering from jet lag. The user will find it easier to find rest while also being able to fight fatigue and dehydration.

Active ingredients:

  • Anacard
  • Apis mel 200C
  • Carbo veg 200C
  • Carduus mar 3X
  • Cocculus 30C
  • Kali phos 12X
  • Nux vom 30C
  • Passiflora 1X
  • Phosphoric acid 200C
  • Tabacum 6X


Instructions are easy to follow as this product is recommended mainly for adults as and children above age 12. Children under the specified age are advised to consult a doctor before use. In order to effectively use this homeopathic drug, the user needs to apply it by spraying it twice beneath his or her tongue before the departure. Afterwards, after each two hours during flight the product needs to be used, as well as after landing.


The “Jet Lag” spray can be found on the manufacturer’s website and it can be ordered online. The set price is 14.95$ but the client can benefit from a membership program that can result in product discounts or entirely free products. When the customer purchases the first item, he officially becomes a member and starts earning a point for every dollar he spends. These points can be used to reduce the price of the desired product or they can be gathered until there are enough to make the client eligible for a free item.

What to Expect

As I fly fairly often between continents I am well aware of the jet lag phenomenon that has caused me many sleepless night. I tried this spray with the hope of acclimating easier without enduring the restless sleep and it indeed took care of the problem. I have strictly respected the label’s recommendations and I have noticed that it had a significant impact as I used it daily after arriving in another time zone.

Keep an Eye Out

Users should urgently stop applying the “Jet Lag” spray if they notice symptoms such as fever, chills, back pain or bloody urine and contact a medical practitioner as soon as possible. If the customer has known allergy to any of the product’s ingredients, it is recommended that he does not use this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Liddell Laboratories offers the guarantee of returning the money spent on a product if the recipient is not satisfied with the purchase. There is a possibility send back the spray within a 30 day limit if it hasn’t been used, together with the receipt. However, this guarantee is limited to 1 bottle per product.

Reviews appear to be non existent on the product page, being completely absent from any page related to this product.

The Bottom Line

The “Jet Lag” spray is a product which is guaranteed to work as long as the customer respects and follows all recommendations. It is made from quality, natural ingredients that alleviate various forms of discomfort associated with jet lag and it is easy to apply. While a money-back guarantee is offered by the manufacturer, the 1 bottle per product remains to be a rather unclear limitation, possibly creating confusion among purchasers.

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