What is Jet Lag Complex?

Jet Lag Complex is a medication devised to fight off the symptoms associated with jet lag. In this review the consumer will find all the information relevant to this drug and its purpose. This homeopathic product focuses on the side effects of long term travel, such as inability to sleep, various physical pains and the psychological issues that come along with this affliction. The treatment can be found and ordered online.


This treatment is developed from the use of ingredients that specifically target each effect brought on by jet lag. Sleeping disorders are severely diminished as proper sleep is being promoted while some of the ingredients focus on eliminating physical pain and the body’s inability to remain hydrated.

The main ingredients are:

  • Cocculus
  • Gelsemium sempervirens
  • Nux vomica


The treatment is in liquid form and the recommended dosage per dose is 5 drops. The consumer should shake the bottle and place 5 drops directly in their mouth. This should be repeated once an hour until the effect of jet lag diminishes. The maximum number of doses per day should not exceed 6 uses.


Jet Lag complex is obtained online from Homeopathyplus at the price of $24.95. Free shipment is being offered if the price exceeds $85. There are currently no available discounts or vouchers.

Possible Side Effects

The instructions recommend discontinuing use if no effect takes place. After 4 doses, the user should contact a professional after stopping the application. In the event that the drug doesn’t have an effect but the jet-lag symptoms still persist for more than 4 days, a doctor should contacted for consultation.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Seemingly there is no guarantee offered on the product’s homepage. No return policy is present as the manufacturer does not present any information on returning the product and reimbursement. Contact information is however provided and the client is encouraged to contact customer support for any additional information or help.

Product reviews seem to missing as well from the website. No customer review is currently available on the medication’s main page.

The Bottom Line

The Jet Lag Complex formula contains the ingredients that are very well documented to work against anxiety, fatigue and other ailments caused by jet-lag. The price is also fairly reasonable as a bottle contains over 120 doses and it should last the user for a decent amount of time. On the downside, no information is provided on the possibility of returning the product and whether the company offers any kind of guarantee. Reviews and personal opinions also seem to be non-existent on the website, thus raising a few concerns.

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