Basic Information: What is Herbatonin 3mg Plant Melatonin?

This review of Herbatonin 3mg Plant Melatonin is meant to help people make a wise and an informed decision about what they should buy when trying to treat jet lag problems. Herbatonin has complete herbal supply of Melatonin, that’s derived from vegetation. Melatonin is a hormone launched by means of the pineal gland within the mind each and every night time to assist start off sleep by means of helping bio-rhythm law. This product helps in the production of Melatonin for those who have difficulty in sleeping. The product is available on shopping websites and not on the product’s website.


  • Herbatonin (Rice Extract Gramineae)
  • Plant derived cellulose (capsule)


If one is traveling then it is recommended that you take for two to three nights before traveling one should start taking this medicine. One should take a capsule every night before going to sleep.  Once when you are in a new time zone then you should take a capsule a night for the following three to four nights.


The cost of a bottle consisting of 60 capsules is $25.99.

What to Expect

Being a vegetarian, this product works best for me and I can now sleep properly without feeling the effects of jet lag.  There is no feeling of hangover and it is an economical capsule to have. I consulted my doctor before taking it and since it is natural, it will cause me no harm. It is always advisable to consult a doctor before taking medicines. I will continue to take this supplement as it takes care of my jet lag problem.

Keep an Eye Out

The product should be used only at bedtime. Since it is designed only for adults, it is not to be taken by children, teenagers, even pregnant women or nursing mothers.  If one is having any kind of medical condition like depression, epilepsy, are diabetic or even having a thyroid condition then it is advisable that you consult a doctor before using these medicines.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no manufacturer’s commitment regarding the product.

The Bottom Line

Overall the product Herbatonin 3mg Plant Melatonin is a good investment when it comes to treating jet lag and other sleep related problems.  The ingredients are natural and safe to use.  Since these are vegetarian capsules therefore can be taken by all. It is used in helping toughen customary sleep styles which are disrupted by means of commuting and converting time zones.

But it is not safe for those who are pregnant or nursing and it is advisable that one consults a doctor before taking these capsules.  The other issue with this product is that the manufacturers do not provide any return policy or give any guarantee on the product and therefore it makes the product less viable for new customers.  But given the natural ingredients that are used and the positive feedbacks when it comes to this product, it is worth trying the product.


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