What is Anti Jet-Lag?

Anti Jet-Lag is a natural remedy intended for frequent fliers. Through this review, potential interested buyers will discover how to use this remedy and how to purchase it. The Anti Jet-Lag formula is developed in such a manner to reset the body’s internal clock as a person switches to another time-zone. The manufacturer distributes it online, as well as in certain stores.


The formula’s content of ingredients is not mentioned or listed. The manufacturing company, however, notes that the product is made by using purely natural, homeopathic elements and no other substances. The spray, due to its ingredients, combats the presence of jet lag as soon as they appear. This remedy will not interact with any other type of medication and can be safely used even by pregnant women.


During the flight as well as for the next 3 days, the user should apply the spray as instructed. One dose should be taken every 2 or 3 hours during the flight by applying the spray under the tongue. The application should be continued for the next days in order to prevent symptoms from appearing.


HCH’s spray can purchased on their main website for the price of 25 NZD (approximately 16$). There is no mention of any discount, special offer or subscription form when ordering this product.

Possible Side Effects

The spray is an extremely user friendly product as dangers are limited or even non-existent. It is safe to use by children of all ages without posing any kind of health risk. In the case of an allergic reaction that may occur, a medical care specialist should be consulted immediately

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturing company seems to be lacking a 100% money back reimbursement system as it is not mentioned on the website. No guarantee is being offered and the product return procedure is non-existent.

Reviews for this product are scarce, limited to a small number of testimonials. While they may be small in number, they are entirely positive.

The Bottom Line

HCH’s Anti Jet-Lag spray is a safe to use product for people of all ages. Easy to apply, safe and risk-free, this remedy is highly enjoyed by its users. The lack of guarantees and a return policy is concerning however, as the manufacturer does not mention any of these points on its web side. The small handful of reviewers that present their experience is another factor that would make potential consumers ask themselves a few questions when it comes to the effectiveness and the popularity of this spray.

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