Basic Information: What is Melatonin

Melatonin offered by Great Lakes Nutrition is a dietary product which helps re-establishing a natural, healthy sleep cycle. In this review for the melatonin based product, information will be presented about the usage and effectiveness of this supplement. Melatonin is used by people struggling with sleeping disorders that prevent them from resting during the night. This dietary melatonin based formula can be ordered from the manufacturer’s website.


The supplement offered by Great Lakes Nutrition is basically pure melatonin. The tablet contains nothing else other than melatonin itself, as it is 99.5% pure. The content of melatonin per tablet is 3 mg and no other active compounds can be found. The melatonin is an ingredient, as well as the treatment itself due to its anti-insomnia combating attributes.


As per label’s instructions, the consumer should take 1 pill every day before going to bed. The tablet can be administered in two ways, depending on how the user prefers. It can be swallowed with water or it can be placed under the tongue until it dissolves. The second method provides a faster absorption rate and it is recommended.


The Melatonin pack supplied by Great Lakes Nutrition contains 50 pills. Each pack comes at the price of 3.95$ on the product’s main website. The product comes with certain coupon codes that can be used by various users under certain conditions. Any order that exceeds 20$ can benefit from a 5% discount. Returning customers can benefit from a 10% discount from a code that is sent to them together with their very first purchase. If the customer is also a so called Facebook Fan of the company, he can benefit from an 8% discount.

What to Expect

As I am a troubled sleeper I was recommended to try out Melatonin before opting for any kind of prescribed medicine. I opted for this product as it’s purely melatonin and I began taking it every night as indicated. For me the effect became noticeable within an hour after taking it and I was able to sleep until dawn. After several days of taking it, the effect was even more noticeable as I began to fall asleep much quicker and I would rest for normal periods of time. I will continue taking these tablets to keep my sleeping patterns normal and healthy at all times.

Keep an Eye Out

Melatonin is not recommended to be administered under circumstances that can be dangerous to one’s health. It must not be combined with other forms of medication and in the case that drowsiness occurs, the consumer should lower the dosage immediately.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The product’s manufacturer has a well put in place 30 day return policy. The customer may return a product within 30 days together with the receipt or at least with the order number so that the company may process their information. The company’s policy provides for the return of multiple products of the same type.

Product reviews are not present on the website as they prefer to link to their Facebook Fan recommendations. Customers recommend this product through the use of Facebook.

The Bottom Line

Great Lakes Nutrition’s pure melatonin treatment will reengage the body’s natural sleep cycles. The product comes at an attractive, low price while also offering various discounts. On the other side, the product contains no other ingredients like other similar treatments do. Reviews are also lacking. Even though the manufacturer receives positive feedback from their Facebook users, it is not detailed.

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