Basic Information: What is Melatonin Pearls

Melatonin Pearls are soft gel capsules designed to stimulate restful sleep. This review will grant consumers the knowledge needed before purchasing and using this product. This medication, which is focused around the use of melatonin, is designed in such a way to be quickly absorbed and to immediately stimulate the body’s need for sleep. The product is distributed online, namely on Amazon.


The recipe for these melatonin pearls is not as complex as they contain almost entirely melatonin. The only active ingredient found within the gel capsule is 5 Mg of pure melatonin, complemented by 0.5 Mg of vitamin B2.


The instructions are straightforward when it comes to administering this type of drug. One capsule should be taken each day together with food. It is not recommended to take on empty stomach. The pack contains enough capsules for 90 days but the treatment should not last for more than 2 months. After these two months, a one week break should be taken before resuming the treatment.


The price for this product varies depending on online store. On Amazon, for example, the listed price is 12.50$ for one bottle. On another distributing website such as Drugstore, the item is listed at the price of 6.99$. Discounts and other benefits are not presented for this product.

What to Expect

I’ve been taking this melatonin supplement for over a month at a time when I’m unable to sleep properly due to stress or even jet-lag factors that come into play while I travel. The content of melatonin induces sleep fairly quickly but after a week of taking it I find the dose to be slightly high for me. My sleep cycle is properly regulated within days but afterwards I begin to feel drowsy and I need to interrupt the melatonin usage or try to take half of a dose.

Keep an Eye Out

The prescription that comes with the bottle warns against the use in combination with alcohol, anti-depressants as well as any other prescribed drugs that can create side effects when combine with melatonin. In the case of any adverse reaction, the use should be discontinued followed by quickly contacting professional medical help. If the consumer is suffering for any kind of syndrome that requires a specific treatment, he should consult himself with a physician before taking melatonin.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer guarantees quality or a financial reimbursement if the customer is dissatisfied with the service or with the medication itself. It is not, however, specified how the product return procedure works and under which circumstances can it be sent back. Reviews seem to be present on certain websites where the drug is distributed, while on others they are completely absent. However, they are entirely positive wherever they are present.

The Bottom Line

Finest Nutrition’s Melatonin softgel capsules are extremely easy on the stomach and they are effective as they have an effective dose of melatonin. While the price may vary, it is still a highly affordable form of medication as one bottle contains enough doses to last the user 3 entire months of continuous use. On the other side, the return policy remains vague as no details are provided. Product reviews are also very few in number even though they are positive.

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