Basic Information: What is Sublingual Melatonin

Sublingual Melatonin is a dissoluble product meant to induce relaxation. This review will inform and offer advice to those who are interested in this form of natural treatment. As this type of medication is based on the compound known as melatonin, it is used for adjusting people’s natural sleeping patterns when they are no longer within normal, healthy parameters. Sub lingual Melatonin can be ordered online from Dakota Serenity Nutrition’s website.


Sublingual Melatonin is designed with 1mg of pure melatonin within each pill. No other ingredients are introduced in the formula except for sweeteners such as xylitol and mannitol which give the dis-solvable tablet a sweet flavor. Melatonin is used as the only main compound as its role is to regulate sleep and wake cycles.


Sublingual Melatonin should be taken only as a dietary supplement by adults. One pill is recommended to be taken each day before bedtime. The dose that is recommended by manufacturer is that of 1mg of melatonin, or one pill. If the user desires to aid his diet with a smaller dosage, the pill is scored in such a way to be broken in half for a half dose.


One pack of melatonin, which includes 60 doses, comes with the labelled price of 13.80$. The price does not include any discounts as they are not currently available online, or in the physical pharmacy. The only price is the listed one as there is no membership offer available either.

What to Expect

I have been taking this product for several weeks now as recommended by my physician. I am occasionally suffering from restless sleep as I spend too much time in lighted rooms in the evening and my natural melatonin production has been lowered. This tablet helped me regulate my melatonin levels as its small, daily dosage helped promote a normal, healthy sleep cycle. After a while of using, I do experience drowsiness but it goes away once I take only half the dosage or take a break from it for several days.

Keep an Eye Out

Long-term use of melatonin has not been effectively studied, therefore it is recommended to seek professional advice before using this treatment for extended periods of time. The substance may cause drowsiness in which case the user should interrupt the treatment and contact a doctor or a health specialist for a consultation.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

No product guarantee is presented by the manufacturing or distributing company. There is no information regarding the possibility of returning the purchased product in case the client changes his mind or is dissatisfied with it. It is worth taking note that reviews for this dietary supplement are also unavailable.

The Bottom Line

Sub lingual Melatonin is an effective supplement as it contains the compound which is proven to optimize one’s sleep. On the downside, the price is somewhat steep when considering the content of melatonin per tablet, which is low in comparison to other similar supplements. The product also lacks any kind of guaranty, return policy and even customer reviews.

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