What Is ChingChi Jet Lag & Sleep Aid?

This review of ChingChi Jet Lag & Sleep Aid is written to help people who are curious about this product in the treatment of sleeplessness and jet lag symptoms. As it has been claimed by the manufacturer, it contains a unique formulation that is basically responsible for harmonizing the body and influencing better sleep. It is expected to help you go to sleep quicker and minimize the fatigue that your body can feel the next day, especially if you have been on a long flight. It is asserted to be a novel solution for all of your sleep problems.


According to the manufacturer, one thing that makes this product effective is the use of proprietary blend of ingredients that are natural and backed with long history of use in ancient alternative medicine. The ingredients that are used in ChingChi Jet Lag & Sleep Aid are the following:

  • Melatonin
  • Valerian Root
  • Passion Flower
  • Lemon Balm
  • GABA


Based on the instructions from the manufacturer, two tablets of ChingChi Jet Lag & Sleep Aid should be taken before your usual bedtime.


While the ChingChi Jet Lag & Sleep Aid is available online in the websites of different third-party sellers, their stocks are currently unavailable. With this, there is no information about its price that we found online.

Possible Side Effects

Because it’s made from natural ingredients, you can expect this product to deliver no significant side effects. Nonetheless, since it helps promote a restful sleep, make sure to not take it before driving, operating machinery, or doing any other activity that might put you at risk.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

To make customers less apprehensive about purchasing ChingChi Jet Lag & Sleep Aid, the manufacturer is offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Within a period of thirty days, you can have the product returned if you are unhappy and you will be provided with a refund. Since this product is available via Amazon, you can see reviews from its past users with many of them having nothing but words of praises.

The Bottom Line

The ChingChi Jet Lag & Sleep Aid promises to provide relief against jet lag and sleeplessness. There are many positive feedbacks about the use of this product, which supports the claims of the manufacturer about its effectiveness. A 30-day satisfaction guarantee is also offered to provide you with peace of mind. One problem, however, is that we can no longer find a seller of the product online as it is currently out of stock. As a result of this product being unavailable, we recommend looking around for other options of treatments to help combat jet lag.

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