When doing long distance air travels at high speeds, you can be a victim of a syndrome known as jet lag. It happens because in an airplane you cross different time zones in a short amount of time and the night and day sense developed in your body since your birth is disturbed. Due to this disruption, your bodies react abnormally to the new time zone you are in and it becomes weak, tired, and you experience hunger at the wrong time and don’t feel sleepy at the time you should be sleeping. This is known as jet lag and other problems like headaches, constipation and nausea are also associated with it.

What Are The Risks Of Jet Lag?If you experience jet lag then you might not be able to perform all your activities perfectly and if you are visiting the new country for something important then jet lag can become a serious obstacle in your path. However, jet lag can be minimized by certain methods and the first thing you need to do is manage your sleep. You should try and adjust your bedtime in accordance with the country you are about to travel. By doing so, your body can be well prepared for the challenges ahead. Sleep is necessary for our body to function properly and so synchronizing it with the time zone of your destination is one of the wisest things to do.

Next thing to do is stop drinking coffee and other drinks that contain high concentrations of caffeine. This is because caffeine can disturb your sleeping routine as it makes your body and mind want to stay awake which can be very harmful for your health especially when you are traveling to long distances. You should also try avoiding naps at daytime because these naps will make it harder for you to sleep at night and so you will feel tired the next day you wake up. You should also avoid consumption of alcohol and fizzy drinks because they can be very dangerous for your health during the travel.

What Are The Risks Of Jet Lag?You should go for a good and balance diet and avoid eating stuff in the airplane because you don’t know how your body is going to react at high altitudes if you have eaten a lot of food. You should keep yourself hydrated throughout your journey and drink less amount of water frequently so that your body is hydrated properly. You should also try to carry your own food containing items that are light and rich in iron. You can take salads, sandwiches and boiled beans etc. with you on your flight.

After your arrival you should try to get some exposure to sunlight as it can help in adjusting your body to the new time zone. You can take a bath as it can relax you and you should try to stay awake till night time so that you can have a good night sleep. You can take sleeping pills if you can’t fall asleep at night but that should only be your last resort in case nothing else works.

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