You have likely heard of jet lag before. It occurs when you cross several time zones rapidly when flying, and your internal clock gets thrown for a loop. Your body’s state during night and day changes in part to what you see, and you feel completely out of sorts both physically and mentally. You may be tired physically but awake mentally, your concentration is not well at all, and you may feel nauseous or dehydrated, but it is all-out bad. Sometimes the nausea takes a really bad turn and causes vomiting.

One case of such severe nausea from jet lag occurred when Aung San Suu Kyi let go into a bag during a press conference, a mere 15 minutes in. The Nobel Prize winner became violently ill suddenly, citing time adjustment difficulties and utterly lacking in energy.

Down Comes the Plane; Up Comes DinnerJust jet lag alone might cause vomiting, and certainly being exhausted along with that could really increase the possibility. If you are stressed out, this could make things worse. Two systems in the body really start to activate when a person is utterly exhausted, causing the body to become tight, tense, and awake.

Your digestive processes are on another system which could go one of two ways. You could be salivating and possibly have constipation or diarrhea issues, or your stomach might rebel and expel. This depends on which system is most active at the time.

Exhaustion is a part of jet lag along with nausea and potential vomiting. There are ways to minimize your chances of being severely hit by jet lag. One way is by taking a light dosage of a melatonin supplement. This will help in adjusting to the time change if you take it around bedtime of the time zone you will be in when you arrive. Another way is to get plenty of rest the day/night before your flight takes off. Get some exercise in before, during, and after your flight.

Down Comes the Plane; Up Comes DinnerRemember to stay hydrated as well, drinking enough water before, during, and after the flight. Although it is tempting, make sure to stay away from alcohol while you’re flying, or keep it very limited. Also, foods containing ginger, potassium, and magnesium or supplements that have those ingredients can help with the symptoms of jet lag.

Although this was a high-profile event that such an unfortunate act of digestive disruption occurred at, Aung San Suu Kyi is not alone in having vomiting as a side effect of jet lag and exhaustion.

There have been many professional sports figures who have got physically ill right on their respective playing surfaces. Pro football, basketball, baseball, even tennis players have caught a very bad stomach that just turned on the person. High profile political figures and many more have caught a bad case of jet lag and ended up vomiting because of the time shakeup, stress, and exhaustion just got too bad.

Flying is stressful, and the time change might take some getting used to, but studies have shown if you get rest, water, exercise, and plenty of it along with maybe a little melatonin supplement used at the right time can help decrease the impact jet lag has on you.

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