You cannot travel from New York to Europe and be physically and mentally perfect. Your body will not adapt to the new time zone of the country immediately and it will require time to get used to the new environment. Even if you are a traveler or a business man, you do not want to waste your time in a new country recovering from a jet lag. Scientists and doctors have done a lot of research on jet and have ensured that you don’t have to suffer from the symptoms of jet lag if you follow a certain diet. Some scientists believe that not only can you minimize the impact of jet lag with this diet but you can even prevent it completely if you follow the right diet before departing.

Is There An Anti-Jet lag Diet?People, who have tried this diet found it very effective and they call it the anti-jet lag diet. These plans and diets came after extensive research on animals as well as humans, to observe and predict what kind of food items can reset your biological clock and what is healthy for your body in such cases. You cannot predict how every part and function of a human body is going to react to a sudden change in time zone but it is a well-known fact that the circadian rhythm goes out of sync as a result of traveling at a high speed to a different time zone and this is why the body experiences jet lag.

It not only relates to tiredness but it also includes mental and physical fatigue which cannot be easily minimized by simply taking naps or sleeping pills. It depends on how far you are traveling and if your destination is within US then it would only be necessary to follow a diet plan for a maximum of two days before departure. But if your destination is outside the states and is in Europe then you need at least four days to get your immune system ready for the jet lag challenges.

Is There An Anti-Jet lag Diet?First thing you need to do is plan your breakfast according to the time zone of your destination. Don’t drink coffee, tea or any other drink that contains caffeine and also avoid alcohol. Take other meals on the time that you normally do but try eating food items that contain high amounts of proteins like beans, peas, eggs and cheese.

You dinner must be rich in carbohydrates and can include pastas, rice of different kinds and some sweets for desert. On the second day, you must eat light and take salads for meals as well as fruits and juices. On day three, you can do a feast like you did on the first day and on the final fourth day, again follow the routine of the second day.

When you arrive at your desired location you should have a breakfast that contains a high amount of proteins and after you finish eating you shouldn’t go to sleep and try to stay awake. You also need to do exercise to keep your body and mind healthy and in sync with the new time zone.

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